EMSOL Expands its Abrasion Resistant Line

EMSOL has expanded its line of abrasion resistant compounds with the additions of EMSOL MRP-1810 and EMSOL MRP-1850 (fast cure).  Both materials are based on the proven EMSOL MRP-1800 technology.  The new materials have the great advantage of having an easy and tolerant mix ratio of 1:1 by volume, and are also extremely easy to mix and apply.

EMSOL MRP-1810 and EMSOL MRP-1850 both use the same Part A, their only difference being their respective activator (Part B). Both materials have been designed with an epoxy polymer matrix modified with the latest generation Mercaptan and WGHCC (Well Graduated Heterogeneous Ceramic Conglomerate) of angular and globular anti abrasive particles that include alumina ceramic spheres. The WGHCC has a granulometry specially designed to withstand drag and impact abrasion using a unique formulation that minimizes the surface area exposed to the polymer matrix.

EMSOL MRP-1810, available in blue and 6 lb kits or 25 lb units, has set times of 6.5 hours at 77F (25C). EMSOL MRP-1850, available in reddish color and 6 lb kits or 25 lb units, has set times of only 1 hour and 40 minutes at 77F (25C). The speed of its cure makes it ideal for locations with lower temperatures, where the material can be ready for service in as little as 4 hours at 41F (5C).

For more information, contact your local EMSOL representative.