GN Polymers systems to be sold under EMSOL brand

EMSOL and GN Polymers have reached an agreement to promote their pipe repair systems worldwide exclusively under the EMSOL brand.  EMSOL and GN Polymers have contributed for years in the development of a system that conforms with the requirements established by ASME PCC-2-2014, article 4.1, and [...]

EMSOL Expands its Abrasion Resistant Line

EMSOL has expanded its line of abrasion resistant compounds with the additions of EMSOL MRP-1810 and EMSOL MRP-1850 (fast cure).  Both materials are based on the proven EMSOL MRP-1800 technology.  The new materials have the great advantage of having an easy and tolerant [...]

EMSOL Launches Material to Repair Floating Roof Tanks

EMSOL has launched a revolutionary line to solve and prevent the costly sinking of roofs in floating roof tanks.EMSOL ASF-2500 provides a safe and permanent flotation system for the pontoons of floating roof tanks.  In addition to providing flotation, EMSOL ASF-2500 also contains a powerful fla [...]

EMSOL and GN Polymers Announce a Cooperation Agreement

EMSOL and GN Polymers have announced a joint agreement to promote their structural repair systems for pipes.For years EMSOL and GN Polymers have collaborated in the development of their composite laminate system to repair and rehabilitate pipes and process equipment previously damaged by the eff [...]

EMSOL SCW-5000 Used to Reinforce 24

In a 24" pipe owned by Petroleos Mexicanos, Consultores Integrados, our local distributor, performed a successful repair to a pipe suffering from wall thickness problems.   The EMSOL SCW-5000 system was used to create a structural carbon wrap in a linear segment measuri [...]