The key to our solutions is not to modify application conditions,
but rather to adapt!

EMSOL’s product line has been formulated knowing that application conditions are not always ideal. We strive in offering and recommending products and technologies that allow us to adapt to existing conditions, therefore minimizing shutdown times and failures from incompatible products.

Our diverse product line includes surface tolerant and water based products that can be applied directly over wet and poorly prepared substrates without adversely affecting their performance.

About Us

EMSOL was founded on the principle of providing exceptional service and state of the art solutions to the most demanding maintenance challenges in industry. Because we know industry needs vary greatly, we aim to tailor our recommendations and products so that each application is done right the first time.


Marine Industry

Ships and platforms operating in international waters, whether docked or at sea, are subject to the regulations adopted by the IMO SOLAS treaty.

Chemical Industry

The chemical industry must constantly process a range aggressive chemicals that easily attack structures, equipment, floors, and in particular primary and secondary containment areas.

Mining Industry

The process of extracting and refining minerals involves the use of multiple chemical compounds that although often diluted still cause extensive damage to concrete floors and steel structures.

Water/Wastewater Treatment

EMSOL offers multiple innovative solutions for the water treatment industry. We offer solutions with outstanding corrosion protection for steel and concrete surfaces exposed to the harmful effects of abrasion, impact, and chemical attack.

Power Generation Industry

No matter if it's coal, fuel, or gas fired power plants, or renewables such as hydroelectric, geothermic and aeolic, their equipment and structures present unique maintenance challenges.

Food and Beverage Industry

Food manufacturing involves exposure to a number of corrosive contaminants that may include fats, hot oils, blood, sugar solutions and organic/natural food acids. To avoid bacterial growth, floors are typically cleaned daily utilizing hot water, vapor, or alkaline detergents.

Pharmaceutical Industry

A hygienic floor is an indispensible requirement for the pharmaceutical industry in order to guarantee a clean, germ free environment.

Buildings and Structures

The cost effective maintenance of buildings demands the use of suitable coatings for its floors that are durable, monolithic, and aesthetically pleasing. In addition to floors, walls and roofs also need attention and protection.